Copperhead Fire Tower

In 1924, after purchasing the first lands for the creation of the Shawnee State Forest, the Division of Forestry constructed three fire towers in the region to help protect the state's newly acquired resources.

Today, at the metal structure's base, on a bulletin board of sorts, one finds a brief history of fire towers and fire fighting, which the Division of Forestry has mounted behind a sheet of plexiglass.

"Wildfire detection from aircraft began in the 1940s, and Ohio's fire towers were phased out until the closure of the last tower in 1978. Today, civilians report the majority of wildfires to state and local authorities. While in service, Ohio's fire towers were staffed by lookouts, and equipped with binoculars, maps, radio, telephone, and an alidade - a device use to pinpoint the location of a wildfire."

According to the records of the Division of Forestry, Copperhead Fire Tower was the first such tower built in all of Ohio and it is the only remaining tower in the forest. Recently restored, visitors, at their own risk, may climb to the top and take in the dramatic 360-degree view from high above the forest.