Kautzleben's Drug Store & the Portsmouth Times

Built in the 1850s by Dr. Herman Kautzleben, a German immigrant, the first floor of this Market Street commercial building housed Kautzleben's Drug Store, while the second floor became the first home of the Portsmouth Times, when it began publication in January 1857.

Founded by Walter C. Hood, the paper championed the cause of the Democratic Party until the sectional division of the party in the presidential election of 1860. Hood sold the press and business to W.C. Appler and J.F. Rate who changed the name to The Union and Times, which supported John Bell, the presidential nominee of the shortlived Constitutional Union party.

Following Lincoln's election in the fall of 1860, The Union and Times would cease publication. James W. Newman would then purchase the old press and type from Appler and Rate, move the operation across Market Street to what was then the new Massie Block, and publish the first issue of a new Portsmouth Times on the 23rd of November 1861. From that date, one can trace, without interuption the publication of the city's most famous newspaper.