Highlands Nature Sanctuary & Appalachian Forest Museum

Coming soon! The story of Highlands Nature Sanctuary and the Appalachian Forest Museum.

"The Highlands Nature Sanctuary is 2100-acre hiking and nature education destination in southern Ohio, in the heart of the scenic Rocky Fork Gorge.

"The main visitor center is the Appalachian Forest Museum, which includes museum displays explaining the world significance of Ohio's forest, and short but stunning nature trails into the Gorge."

"Public Visiting Hours: April-October, Sat. & Sun. Only, 9:30-5:00pm.

"Admission: General public entrance is by voluntary donation during publicized hours only.

"Please sign in at the Appalachian Forest Museum and please do not visit during off hours without a pass.


Cave Canyon, Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Highland County, Ohio (2009).

Cave Canyon, Highlands Nature Sanctuary, Highland County, Ohio (2009).

Image courtesy of Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D., from the Scioto Historical Series, private collection, Friendship, Ohio. View File Details Page

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