Gov. Robert Lucas & Friendly Grove

Coming soon! The story of Friendly Grove, the pioneer home of Robert Lucas, Ohio Governor and one of the founders of the national Democratic Party.

Located on the outskirts of Piketon, the former seat of Pike County, where Lucas settled after the War of 1812. Lucas and his second wife, Friendly Summer, “left a portion of the original forest standing near the house, in all its primeval grandeur.” In a telling act of pioneer nostalgia, they had saved a remnant of the fast disappearing Old Forest.

Today, the house stands, but grove fell to the axe, and, at this point, when it may have been cut is anyone’s guess. But, it was certainly after 1836, when Robert Lucas moved to the Iowa frontier to serve as its first Territorial Governor. Lucas would eventually sell his properties in Ohio and lay his bones to rest in the soils of Iowa.


Friendly Grove, near Piketon, Pike County, Ohio (2005).

Friendly Grove, near Piketon, Pike County, Ohio (2005).

Image courtesy of Don O'Brien, whose documentary photography can be viewed at View File Details Page

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