Adena & the Worthingtons

Coming soon! The story of Adena, the mansion and gardens of Thomas Worthington, Ohio’s sixth governor. Here one can look out across the Scioto Valley to Mt. Logan and see the Great Seal of the State of Ohio come alive.

One morning in 1803, William Creighton, Jr., Ohio’s first Secretary of State, joined Thomas Worthington on the steps of the mansion. The sun rose up behind Mount Logan in the distance, its shafts of light announcing the dawn of a new era in the valley below. Creighton would later be credited with having had at that moment the inspiration for the central motif of the original Great Seal of the State of Ohio: a sunrise over the Scioto Valley.

"The mansion house, completed in 1806-1807, has been restored to look much as it did when the Worthington family lived there, including many original Worthington family furnishings.

"The house is one of only three houses designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe still standing in the country.
Latrobe is considered the first professional American architect and served as architect of the U.S.capitol under President Thomas Jefferson.

"Situated on the 300 remaining acres of the original homeplace are five outbuildings and formal gardens. The gardens have undergone major renovation. Visitors may stroll through three terraces of flowers and vegetables, as well as the shrubs and trees in the grove. Looking east from the north lawn of the mansion, one can see across the Scioto River Valley to the Logan Range. This view was the inspiration for the Great Seal of the State of Ohio.

"A new Museum and Education Center features interactive exhibits that use the stories of people connected to Adena to give visitors a picture of life in Ohio in the early 1800s as well as classrooms, meeting and rental space."


Rearview of Adena Mansion, Chillicothe, Ohio (2011).

Rearview of Adena Mansion, Chillicothe, Ohio (2011).

Image courtesy of Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D., from the Scioto Historical Series, private collection, Friendship, Ohio. View File Details Page

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