Harry Knighton Trail & the Shawnee Nature Club


Coming soon! The story of the Shawnee Nature Club and the Harry Knighton Trail in the Shawnee State Park.

Harry Knighton, internationally known for his study of fungi, helped found the North American Mycological Association in 1959 and the Shawnee Nature Club in 1961.

State Park Naturalist Jenny Richards recommends the Knighton Trail for its stroll through “a mature mixed mesophytic forest with diverse topography. Numerous tree species including the rare Umbrella Magnolia with its gargantuan leaves, the Eastern hemlock with its fragile needles, and an old stand of white pines planted by the CCC workers in the 1930s are just a few of the trail’s notable tree species. Stunning flowers such as Yellow Lady-Slippers, Showy Orchis, Wedge-leaved Violets, Twisted Yellow-eyed grass, and Nodding Mandarins color the ground, all the while a plethora of singing warblers fill the air and treetops.”

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State Park Naturalist Jenny Richards leads a hike on the Harry Knighton Trail, Shawnee State Park, Scioto County, Ohio (December 2012).

Image courtesy of Andrew Lee Feight, Ph.D., from the Scioto Historical Series, private collection, Friendship, Ohio.

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