Sandy Springs Cemetery & the Grave of George Rivers

Coming Soon! The story of George Rivers and his trial for the murder of Jonas "Am" Cooper. Back in the winter of 1930, when Prohibition had made big business out of moonshining, George Rivers wore two hats, one as a special deputy for Sheriff Charles Mack of Adams County and a second as a Deputy Fire Warden for the Ohio Division of Conservation. Rivers represented the law in the hollows of Upper and Lower Twin Creeks, in what would become the Shawnee Wilderness Area. In the words of Ronny Richards, a longtime resident of Upper Twin Creek who first recorded this tale, "George Rivers was a still-bustin’ revenuer."

Learn about how Rivers ended up on trial in West Union for the murder of Am Cooper, who was known far and wide for his control of the family's moonshine business. Rivers lays buried in Sandy Springs Cemetery, overlooking the Ohio River, not too far from the scene of his shooting of Am Cooper.

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