Longworth-Flagg Stone Wine Cellar

Coming Soon! In 1859, William Flagg oversaw the construction of a stone wine cellar for the vinting and storage of Catawba wine, produced from grapes, grown on nearby ridges.

Flagg had married Eliza Longworth, the daughter of Nicholas Longworth, one of Cincinnati's first millionaires, who is considered by some to be the “Father of American Grape Culture.” Flagg helped manage Longworth's wine business, including vineyards in what is now the Shawnee Wilderness Area. Together, Flagg and Longworth did their share in promoting the Ohio Valley as "the Rhineland of America."

Study the Longworth-Flagg Wine Cellar (built c. 1859), which Flagg situated at the foot of Dog Hollow on Lower Twin Creek. A blight would put an end to the old Catawba wine industry in the valley and the American wine business would eventually reestablish itself in California on the West Coast.